Tomorrow we start a google adwords strategy … get a free hotel stay… find us, we pay 1.25 per click !

Tomorrow we start a google adwords …

Google the keywords “free hotel night” and  find us on google, we pay 1.25 per click ! It is really expensive to make our visible.  But I don’t see any other way… google is in control of all the visibility.  We will ask a moderato Hotel  fee of 9.95/month and they will receive a lot of requests.

With this money we will buy a lot of clicks on google keywords like “free hotel night” ” hotel deals” and so on.  The goal is to make this chat reservation system with no commission to pay for the hoteliers, known to the public.

If the hotel don’t pay the commission he can make the best price and for a long stay a free night is possible.  So let’s see what happens tomorrow…



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